7 types of Form Rollers For Your Daily Exercises

Are slow post-workout recoveries slowing you down? Are lingering aches and pains proving unbearable? Then it’s finally time to grab yourself not just a foam roller, but the right form roller. Whether you need one with a hard dense core for quick relief or one embellished with a more forgiving material for gentle massage, there is an array of different form rollers available to suit your special need. Below is an informative listing of 7 types of foam rollers to streamline your search for an effective massage and fitness-oriented product.

1. The Standard, White Foam Roller.

Commonly 3 feet long and 6 inches in diameter, the standard, white foam roller is the simplest and gentlest type of foam rollers. Almost anyone can use it, and is a perfect one to start off rolling which can be a quite hurtful procedure. This form roller causes by far less discomfort and pain than the more aggressive form rollers.

2. The GRID Foam Roller

grid foam roller

The Grid Foam Roller is a signature pick from all the foam rollers. It comprises textured areas to help work out hard to reach areas such as the hip flexors. It also comprises flat areas for beginners and for rolling larger muscles. It has a highly durable construction and thus makes it ideal for heavy, frequent use. You undeniably won’t be disappointed picking it as your first roller. It comes in three different size;

· Mini which is 5-inch

· Original is 13-inch,

· Grid 2.0 is 26-inch.

Also available is an X Extra Firm 13-inch version for advanced rollers. It features a more firm surface as well as more rugged construction.

3. EPE Foam Roller

For starters with no experience using a foam roller and not yet ready to spend a lot of dime, this is a great recommendation. Going by the innumerable testimonies and reviews expressing satisfaction, it’s quite evident that it gets the job well done for tissue massage. A little softer than most EVA rollers, it proves comparatively comfortable for beginners. It come in a wide assortment of sizes and color for preference. So, if you’re just get started out and are on a tight budget, for a fairly durable and reliable alternative, be sure to check out this type of roller.

4. EVA Form Foam Roller

Eva foam rollers

The EVA form rollers should be a favorite pick if you are out for a smooth foam roller. These type of roller features an immensely high density of EVA and a heat class seal. It also bears the claim of being the most durable roller available, clearly more durable that EPE rollers, thus warranting the extra bucks. Additionally, this roller has a distinctive great and solid construction and is available in a wide variety of sizes and colors as well. Try it out for a classic smooth foam roller massage.

5. The Rumble Foam Roller

The Rumble Roller is another unique roller featuring a firm but flexible bumpy surface, specifically designed to achieve deep tissue stimulation. It’s however not ideal for a beginner since its surface is quite distinct and calls for heightened control and experience to yield its benefits. It’s made of quality materials and is highly durable as well. It would be wise to consider checking out this roller after prior experience with the Grid form roller: it would be quite a treat when you are already familiar with accessing those hard-to-stimulate areas.

6. Barracuda Cork Foam Roller

Barracuda Cork Roller is enormously the most unique and toughest roller you’ll presently come across. Acquiring or using it is certainly not for the faint hearten. Be forewarned that with it you are bound to have a grueling foam rolling sessions you’ve ever had. Don’t be discouraged though. A time will come in your self-massage career that you’ll be ripe to appropriate this 18-inch roller on your near-perfect conditioned muscles and fascia. You will possibly get the deepest massage and relieve those stubborn trigger points off any tension.

7. The AccuPoint Foam Roller

The AcccuPoint Form Roller can be correctly referred to as a hybrid between The Grid and the Rumble roller: it features both smooth areas as well as contoured bumpy areas to stimulate those problem spots. This characteristic versatility makes it a perfect recommendation for anyone, beginner or experienced. It’s a self-massage arsenal you definitely want to add to your collection.

You can read more about foam roller reviews and learn more about its functions as well as advantages of using these equiment in the gym or at home.